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Irina L.

Irina was born without 2 front teeth. She has been wearing a removable denture but she knew it was time to get something more permanent. She wanted implants. Using implants and porcelain crowns we were able to replace her missing teeth. She loved her new teeth and she wished she had come to us years ago.

Antoinette M.

Antoinette hated her gummy smile. When she smiled too much of her front gums showed. This made her self-conscious and prevented her from smiling freely. Using a laser, we were able to remove about 4mm of gums and it made a huge difference to her smile. She had only minor discomfort and bleeding the day of treatment, and it healed in days. She was ecstatic!

Golden D.

Golden dreaded the dentist, but with some encouragement from his beautiful fiancé he mustered the courage to come in. Golden is a great guy and local surfer. He was getting married soon and his fiancé always wanted him to have a better smile. Yes for the wedding photos, but she also knew it would make a big difference in his life. Golden lost a tooth during a surfing accident and had an implant, however the crown on the implant was positioned poorly and the shade was completely off. He also had a lot of spacing and dark colored teeth. With a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns we were able to create a beautiful smile in only a few appointments.

Mina C.

Mina hated to smile and was very self-conscious of it. 3 of her upper front teeth were severely loose and protruded because of an injury when she was younger. Mina knew she would have to lose the 3 damaged teeth and entrusted us to restore her smile. Using a combination of clear aligners to straighten her bottom teeth and 3 implants we were able to restore her smile to even better than before.

Farhad K.

Farhad has noticed that over the years his lower teeth have been crowding more and more and he really wanted to straighten them. He also wanted a whiter smile. By using ClearCorrect clear aligners and teeth whitening we were able to drastically improve his smile in about 4 months!