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I have been a patient here for several years, and have only good things to say. Dr. Fred is very meticulous, patient, and personable. I have had a few procedures as well as regular cleanings, and everything from scheduling, to billing, to the work itself has gone smoothly and professionally. Tom at the front desk and the hygienists are great to work with, as well. The office is clean and modern, with entertaining media options. I recommend without reservations.

    Annie N.

    All I gotta say Dr Fred and Tom are great!!! very upfront with the costs scheduling apoinntments!!! These guys are the best!!!! At my wifes old dentist Clairmont smiles dentistry they charged her 70 grand for about the same work sd smiles has done and SD smiles does much better qualitly work at much less than half the cost than her old dentist!!!! she all ready had 6 bone graphs and is getting 6 implants much much better qualitly work than her old dentist also dr fred did a genuis way of saving a crown and did a root canal right through the crown how about that!!!! Also the crowns are made in a lab much better qualitly than same day crowns dr fred has all ready had to repair two from her old dentist!! and what they charge for crowns are at least 2 grand less than what her old dentist raked us for!!!! All I have to say we are very pleased we found them and if you want a good qualitily who is not going to take advantage of you and who is ohnest these are the guys!!!! by the way after my wife and I move and relocate in another area in San Diego and after my wifes teeth are done i need a little work done on mine and you bet even though after we move we have to take two trolleys and busses we don't drive even though we are going to live further away we will still come here for our dental work!!! you guys we love ya you are the best and thanks for the coffee when i need it God Bless San Diego Smiles Dentistry love ya guys!!!

      Chris L.

      I feared going to the dentist... Not anymore! That stopped with Dr. Fred Harandi. He's amazing. I haven't been to the dentist in years and my wisdom teeth starting coming in. I originally just wanted a check up and referral to a oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I went in and had a general cleaning which was as gentle as could be! I ended up having a couple of cavities and I had Dr. Harandi complete the fillings for the cavities. Have you ever had a local anesthetic that didn't hurt!? I didn't even know he administered the shot... I even asked if he did it yet! After the dental work, Dr. Harandi followed up on my well being and called to ask if I was experiencing any pain. The prices are lower than expected which is great for my wallet and dental insurance. He referred me to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth. Tom, the receptionist was great. He was able to schedule me for an appointment and follow up. He was also able to get a hygienist to take a panoramic X-Ray for me to send to the oral surgeon. The X-Ray would have cost $100 but Tom waived the fee. Best thing ever? You can text them for anything in regards to your dental work! The office is very clean and you can watch Netflix while your teeth are worked on. You go home with a cute little bag of dental goodies! I'll be going to Dr. Harandi regularly for my check ups!

        Kat H.

        Dr. Fred, Tom and the rest of the staff are amazing. Tom is the front office and I love that he's available through phone, email or text. Dr. Fred is personable and does not make you feel bad at all for not going to the dentist regularly. When I had my cavities treated, I was given these cool goggles to wear so I could watch a movie while he worked on me. It was a good way to distract from all the drilling instead of counting dots on the ceiling.

          Kim L.

          I have been going to SD Smile for almost 2 years now and I have never had a dentist as good as Dr. Fred. It is nice going to a dentist who actually cares about you and doesn't just give you random procedures for quick money. He is a very knowledgable and nice guy. Tom and the rest of the staff are always good to see too.

            John G.

            I love this place. I am one of those people who avoid the dentist like the plague and only go in every few years. However after coming here I am seriously considering coming back in 6 months like you're supposed to. The receptionist is really nice. At the start of the visit they took a ton of X-rays, more then I've ever had in one go and it took a really long time. However it was totally worth it. Dr. Fred is really nice and doesn't stab you with a metal pick while asking you stupid questions like "when was the last time you flossed?" He simply spent time looking at the X-rays and did a very simple and painless exam. It was the first time I left without my gums gushing blood. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them to anyone who is a total wimp about their teeth.

              Steffany M.

              I went to Dr. Fred because he did my friends smile makeover and it looks amazing. Work brought me to San Diego for a couple months and with some downtime, I decided to go for it! After an initial consultation and cleaning (which was awesome btw) I started with aligner trays to do teeth straightening. It was Invisalign but less expensive. My orthodontist was more expensive and based on the prior results I saw, I went with Dr. Fred and I'm not disappointed! The trays take a few days to adjust to but once you do it almost becomes a part of you and you automatically learn to talk in them without a lisp so nobody can tell you're wearing them. It's amazing how many people I had conversations with that had no clue I was wearing them. For the last phase I did whitening and veneers and now I have a perfect smile! Thank you so much Dr. Fred for being so easy going and making my visits painless and even fun. Also thanks to the entire staff, everyone there is so sweet!!

                Mana R.

                Dr. Fred is a great dentist and he has an excellent staff. i have done my crown and he called me twice by himself to check. Very professional and honest. Highly recommended for the whole family.

                  Yasir A.

                  Dr. Fred is awesome. I love the staff here. Tom is great and I really appreciate the reminders he sends. Tiara is amazing and very personable. She really makes it a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Everyone and everything is great! The location is a plus too... Super local! Thanks for everything 🙂

                    Vicky N.

                    Dr. Fred is really knowledgeable about his work. He and Amber are really nice and make sure that you feel comfortable and understand what they are doing. Tom at the front desk is the best. After you're done with Dr. Fred and Amber, he comes in and breaks down the costs with you. And he is very understanding and will help you find the best options for you. I am the kind of person who dreads going to the dentist but that's not the situation here. When I went in, I got to pick what to watch on the Netflix goggles while getting my procedure done. You know you're getting quality work done and that alleviated most of my dentist office fears. Come here! You won't regret it.

                      Jessica N.

                      You want a great smile? You've come to the right place! I've been trusting my teeth to Dr. Fred for almost three years now. Before him, I rarely went to get my teeth cleaned- let alone examined. Every visit feels so easy and pain free. So far... I've got my wisdom teeth extracted, an implant placed, and routine exams done here which is probably why I trust them so much. The tooth fairies (dental techs) are so awesome with their gentle hands and so courteous with your time. I am so happy that my insurance covers most of the fees and Tom always makes sure I have the best deal possible. The office itself is inviting, clean with reserved parking out front. You can always call or text for ANYTHING. My teeth are super happy!

                        Lea J.

                        I was recommended to Dr. Fred from a friend who had dental work by him. I live in La Jolla though so I wasn't too happy about the commute. However, after looking up reviews I was so happy I saw him! Was greeted right away and felt super comfortable the entire time. The dental hygienist was very mindful of my comfort while taking my x-rays and I truly appreciate that. They definitely take the time to ask personal questions and make you feel comfortable. Good people and good vibes all around. I came back less than a week later and was able to take care of all my cavities in a ZERO stress environment. I even got to watch one of my favorite movies while getting the work done. I highly recommend this dentist and his office! Thanks Dr. Fred and team 🙂

                          Monica F.

                          So I haven't been here for almost 4 years! But I still recommend my dentist Dr. Fred, all the time! He changed my life! I literally can't express that sentence enough. Growing up as a child terrified of the dentist and with horrible teeth! Only as an adult I started to pick up the pieces and when it got so bad I found Fred Harandi, in a short process he change the way I felt about myself forever. I was 7 months pregnant, terrified of toth pain and could barely afford college at the time. They found me help and then did the most amazing job on my teeth with absolutely NO pain what so ever! I literally had a root canal in front of my mouth while pregnant and awake! He was amazing and I hope he reads this so that he knows he has given me what I've wanted my whole life a chance to feel normal and confident!

                            Kristeena M.

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